Enjoy the Ride


Today while I was driving home from work, I felt so much like having some Ferrero Rocher. I decided to stop at a Metro store close to where I live. When I went there, the lights were out and the store was not functioning. I drove on and thought: I really want those rochers so bad. So I decided to go to another place farther than where I lived.

As  I was driving, I started wondering: do I really want the chocolate that bad? Is it really worth going that distance? Then I realized that this is what actually happens to us in real life. We decide on a goal and work towards it, then when the road gets bumpy and longer, we start to question our destination and if it is worth it.

Although I questioned my desire to have those chocolates, I kept driving and when I actually reached my destination, the part where I should actually step off the car and go get the lovely small golden ones, I caught sight of a Chilis before my eyes and I felt more inclined to get inside and have a delicious chocolate dessert and maybe write a little.

Here I am eating a brownie sundae while writing this post. I started my little journey to get a box of Ferrero Rocher that I craved so bad and I ended up sitting in a quite Wednesday evening Chilis having some chocolate brownies and later some espresso while writing and this has made me even happier that it would have if I had  just taken the chocolate home.


When you are going after something that is really important to you, whatever it is and your journey is long and you start questioning it all, just keep going and enjoy the journey. You might end up changing your destination, like I did, but what matters is that you are happy about it. And that makes all the difference.

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