Achieving Internal Peace


Life is full of challenges. Our everyday challenges, long-term plans challenges and it goes on and on. The biggest of all though is internal . It is our internal challenge to find ourselves and our cause for existence that always seems the hardest. We try so hard, we try to look inside but the voices inside our heads and from outside crowds seem to always distract us. If only we can silence our minds when we want, to temporarily shut them down, it would help us find our inner peace and listen to our internal voice. When it comes to silencing your mind, meditation seems to be the most agreed upon effective method to tame your mind and have control over it.

I remember very long ago when I would hear the word meditation and would see people taking the famous crossed legs pose. I did not quite get it, how would people stay like this for so long without blinking or moving and just be ok with it. I did not actually understand what it was about until many years later. I have a very active mind that cannot help but think all the time and by all the time, I mean all the time. Needless to say how stressful this was, in addition to the lack of focus and attention it created. You are always distracted, thinking about a lot of things all at the same time. I can assure you that it was not pleasant. Searching for a way out seemed to always lead me to meditation, one way or another.

Despite that picture I had in my mind for meditation, when I actually started practicing it, it was catastrophic! My mind seemed like a playground with all sorts of thoughts playing around in it. I had to go back again to do some research and read a lot about it. And I have to tell you, there is a lot to read about. It’s an ancient practice that has started in India thousands of years ago and has then developed into many forms mostly in India and East Asia region. No wonder then that there is abundance of resources and teachings when it comes to meditation. I would heavily recommend you would read “the art of attention“.
You can just start by dedicating any amount of time, even just 5 minutes. As you get more comfortable, you will be more inclined to increase the time you spend meditating. You can take my word for it, even those 5 minutes will make a difference.

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